How to Open and Stick Back Surface Laptop Casing After Repair

How to Open and Stick Back Surface Laptop Casing After Repair

Picture 1. Removing excess glue from magnet slot at Surface Laptop casing is necessary to make sure.

Surface Laptop come with high expectation by beating Macbook Air in term of performance other than no build in sd reader You can buy a card reader adapater that plugs into Surface Laptop's usb port, another big issue is the grey stylish casing C over time will become dirty thus Surface Laptop 2 come with darker casing C skin.

During opening of Surface Laptop for repair motherboard or replacement battery it is important to note 3 things:

  1. Do not push in Your separator more than 80mm into Surface Laptop to prevent battery cause fire during Surface Laptop opening.
  2. Remove all the original glue from Surface Laptop including the magnet slot like Picture 1.
  3. Put two times double side when putting the second one You need to press really hard onto the first double side tape.

It is advisable to use 3M tape, lastly put liquid glue such as B7000 to all 4 sides of Casing D before sticking and pressing Surface Laptop casing C and D tightly together.

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