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We are specialist in repairing Apple products, such as iPad, iPhone, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro dan Macbook, etc. As we have years of experience in this field, you can come to us with your problems and we will help to get a solution to it. Within the shortest turnaround time, we'll make your Mac perform. You will get the fastest solution at the affordable price ranges. Make contact with us to get effective solutions.

Best Macbook Repair Center in Singapore

We, Zapplerepair Singapore, have been in business since 2009. Our team of experts is efficient in providing All types of Apple products repair in Singapore. With the depth of technical knowledge, expertise, and efficiency, our technicians provide solutions to make your Macbook work smoothly.

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Apple Service Centre

We take in repair replacement service for all Apple product like Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, ipod, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro dan Macbook etc. Supported by complete sparepart and experience technician making Zapplerepair the preffered Apple service center in Singapore since 2009.

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Window Surface Service Centre

Window Surface is the current work and life style for the fast Singaporean let Zapplerepair handle your out of warranty Window Surface in hardware or software. Recently many cases of broken lcd glass for Surface Book and Surface tablet so we are giving special 5% discount from our website price list.

surface Repair Singapore

Macbook Repair Center

Sometimes even the best computing machines need a little tender care. Though Mac's and PC's look different on the outside, on the physical level, the internals are quite the same. So, the components of Macbook's and Mac's wear out just like PC components do, and that's where most problems come from. We at Zapplerepair provide top-notch apple macbook repair in Singapore. We have been providing quality as well as cheap macbook repair service for years and keep you up-to-date on what's best for your Macbook.

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Data Recovery Service Centre

Data loss doesn't have to be permanent and it doesn't have to be beyond the reach of all. At Zapplerepair, we pledge to provide you with the fastest and most reliable Mac data recovery in Singapore. Our hard disk recovery service makes use of industry-best data recovery tools and tested methods that provide quick and guaranteed resolution. Our Mac data recovery service come with a strict no data, no charge guarantee so you only pay if you're satisfied with the results.

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Gaming Laptop Repair Centre

Zapplerepair offers full range of services related to gaming laptop repair in Singapore. Our trained technicians offer industry-best repairs for all kinds of laptop problems, be it screen replacement, motherboard replacement, data backup, wireless network issues, configuration problems or even virus issues. Our laptop repair technicians offer pick up and delivery service - perfect for urgent and instant repair of laptops.

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Computer Disposal Service Centre

Getting rid of old hardware is a global issue and a problem for entrepreneurs and companies looking to get rid of electronic waste like laptops, desktops, printers and more. Zapplerepair offers laptop disposal service and affordable computer disposal service in Singapore that make reclamation of electronics easy. We believe in data destruction done right and thus take extra precaution to protect the data of our customers.

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Zapplerepair Office IT Solution

We are the best solution for small and medium company which do not have full IT support in addition we also provide buy or trade in old electronic equipments and company tool such as application, website, seo and software plus hardware customise automation.

iMac slim for sale
iMac Slim 21.5

$ 900

iMac Slim A1418 Cpu: i5 Memory: 8GB Harddisk: 1TERA Software: Sierra Mac OSX, for bootcamp Window and other important software like adobe photoshop and Microsoft Office pls request Accesorries: come with Apple keyboard and mouse complete with box Warranty: 3 months