Surface Pro 7
Windows Surface Repair & Service Center

Windows Surface Repair Service in Singapore available : Surface, Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Go and Surface Laptop.
We repair and replace spareparts for various models of the Windows Surface series, such as the Surface Pro, Surface Go, Surface Book, and Surface Laptop. To find out about the prices for the repairs, please select the model.

Selected Brand : Windows Surface

Windows Surface Repair

We prove repair services such as Surface Pro repair, Surface Book repair, Surface Go repair, and Surface Laptop repair.

Breakdown Price
Can power on but Flashing Error 355 SGD
Can power on but no Display 425 SGD
Dead (cannot turn on) 475 SGD
Graphic Vga Chipset 425 SGD
Hardware Auto Restart 355 SGD
Hang at Logo Screen 355 SGD
Keyboard not working due to bios firmware -
Motherboard Heating Hot 355 SGD
System Slow (not software error) 355 SGD
Thermal paste 30 SGD
TouchScreen not Sensitive or not working 355 SGD
Waterdamage 20 SGD ++

*note: Waterdamage Cleaning Service additional fee - 20 SGD Level Medium/High - 30 SGD

Windows Surface Sparepart

We prove spare parts replacements/upgrades for Surface Pro repair, Surface Book repair, Surface Go repair and Surface Laptop repair.

Sparepart Price
New Battery 295 SGD
Camera Surface Pro 4 only - Rear 45 SGD Back 45 SGD
Casing A (front casing) -
Casing B (bezel) *One set with lcd
Casing C (keyboard side) *One set with casing D
Casing D (rear casing) 175 SGD
Charging Port 120 SGD
Fan 55 SGD
Hdd with OS -
Hinge 140 SGD
Hinge with casing C and D *One set with casing D
Keyboard 55 SGD
LCD/LED Pro 7 LCD : Original Ver 035 - 550 SGD | Compatible Ver 032 - 260 SGD
Pro 7+ LCD : Original 650 SGD
Logicboard i5 8GB 256GB - 600 SGD i7 16GB 256GB - 900 SGD
Memory upgrade -
Motherboard PMIC Surface Pro 6 - 255 SGD
Speaker 55 SGD
Ssd with OS *One set with motherboard
TouchScreen Panel *One set with LCD
Surface Book Connector to Tablet 150 SGD
Surface Laptop 2 Second hand rubber feet 4pcs 35 SGD
Power button 75 SGD
Top Cover button 35 SGD
Cover (Compatible) 45 SGD
Cover Secondhand Original 55 SGD

*note: Price of Replacing the Sparepart - 60 SGD

Windows Surface Service

We provide technical services for Surface Pro repair, Surface Book repair, Surface Go repair and Surface Laptop repair.

Accessories and Software Service Price
Calibration Touchscreen 70 SGD
Data Recovery for Surface Pro 3 & 4 150 SGD
Data Recovery for Surface Pro 5, 6, 7 700 SGD
(Note: there is a possibility that the motherboard is damaged by moving the ssd)
Data Recovery Harddisk Bad Sector Software - 100 SGD Hardware - 300 SGD CleanRoom SSD Service - 500 SGD
Data Recovery from spoilt SSD or Water Damage Window Surface with Bit locker 250 SGD - 1000 SGD
Game and Song 10 SGD
Help to send in claim warranty with Microsoft Singapore 50 SGD
Keyboard (Surface Book & Surface Book 2) Secondhand with Casing C : 350 SGD New | 450 SGD
Software Reinstall Password Lock 40 SGD
Software Reinstall Uefi Bios Lock 240 SGD
Software Auto Restart 40 SGD
Software Errors Problem 40 SGD
Software Optimization 40 SGD
Surface Book 104w Adaptor 120 SGD
Surface Pro Adaptor Secondhand Original 44w - 55 SGD | New Original 44w - 75 SGD
Surface Go Adaptor Secondhand Original 102w - 75 SGD | New Non Original 100 SGD | New Original - 95 SGD

We are the best Surface repair service center in Singapore, starting from Surface Pro repair, Surface Book repair, Surface Go repair, and Surface Laptop repair, we also accept Surface sales and purchase, and we also accept repair units of various types. So what are you waiting for, if you have problems with the surface, or want to buy spare parts, please contact us.