How to Create an Admin Account on Surface Hub

How to Create an Admin Account on Surface Hub

Surface Hub.

Surface Hub is currently widely used in companies and offices to facilitate the continuity of work. Surface Hub requires an account to integrate all work needs. The following is a way to create an admin account on Surface Hub:

1. First, contact

2. Make sure to use company email for the admin account, never use individual emails from employees because after the employee leaves all access to using email from the employee will be lost too

3. If you have already used an email from an employee who has left, you need to re-register using a new email and wait for Microsoft to approve the change to the new admin account email.

4. Then wait approximately 1x24 hours, then Microsoft will contact you via phone and email.

Well, that was how to create an admin account on the Surface Hub. If you have problems with your device, you can contact us via our social media on Instagram and Facebook Zapplerepair or you can contact us at 6583888781 via WhatsApp. You can also come directly to our outlets.

Hope this article helps!