How To Get The Image To Install The Surface Hub

How To Get The Image To Install The Surface Hub

Surface Hub.

Surface Hub is currently often used in work, especially in offices or companies. Surface Hub has 2 types, namely:
1. Surface Hub
2. Surface Hub 2S

Have you ever experienced an error or damage to your Surface Hub device? If there is a problem with the Surface Hub because it cannot log in using the Admin ID and password, they cannot enter settings or download and install applications, then there is a way to delete the Surface Hub SSD. After that you have to get an Image to install Surface Hub, here's the step:
1. by clicking on this link
2. Follow the steps, usually, a problem appears which is stuck at step 6

3. The solution is to use a cable from one of these brands:
- Startech USB312SAT3CB
- Rosewill RCUC16001
- Ugreen 20231
4. and this is how if it is appropriate then it will be completed as in the picture

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