How To Disassemble Asus T300 Chi Safely

How To Disassemble Asus T300 Chi Safely

Asus T300 Chi.

Are you Asus T300 Chi users? Or do not know the type of laptop on this one? For those of you who don't know, we will give a little information about the Asus T300 Chi. The Asus T300 Chi is a Transformer Book that is Asus' flagship hybrid notebook device, which combines the functions of a tablet and a notebook in one package. Asus T300 Chi was released in January 2015, the design is quite charming.

Asus T300 Chi has a super slim design. However, with this super slim model, extra care and caution are required when disassembling it, because otherwise, the touchscreen could break. The Asus T300 Chi touchscreen is very thin, for example, the Surface Pro 3. Therefore, here we will show you how to safely disassemble the Asus T300 Chi.

How to disassemble the Asus T300 Chi:
IMPORTANT! When disassembling, you must use a Heat Gun, don't just lift it.
1. Heat the corners of the touchscreen using a heat gun (not in the middle)
2. Use a thin Spudger (Surface Pro battery pin 5)
3. In the first step, when opening, make sure the battery pins are also hot (you can also add alcohol).
4. If the spudger is already in the corner, make sure that when cutting the glue around the perimeter, heat it from the heat gun.
5. Cut the glue around the Touchscreen while being given a heat gun.

Note: Do not start disassembling from the middle, because the adhesive glue is quite thick.
The chronology of errors that usually occur when disassembling the Asus T300 Chi is that the Touchscreen has just been lifted using a suction cup and only a few spudgers have been inserted (approximately 0.2 – 0.5 cm) the touchscreen has immediately broken.

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Hope this article helps!