How to Fix Surface Book Battery Issue

How to Fix Surface Book Battery Issue

Picture 1. Fixing Surface Book Battery Issue.

Priced at $3000, the Surface Book is a popular device amongst many users. The sleek design and the great specs are a few reasons why there is a rising demand for the laptop. The battery, on the other hand, seems to create many problems for users. What are some of the causes, and how can they be resolved? Zapplerepair is here to help you!

If you use applications that do not require heavy processing such as watching videos on YouTube, charging the laptop will not affect the battery as it will run on power. However, if you use applications that require heavy processing such as Photoshop, the base system will be used more heavily than the top system. Should the battery reach less than 10%, the system will slow down as it is under a lot of pressure and strain. From that point onwards, the tablet battery will support the processor and thus it will be put under a lot of strain and pressure as well. The keyboard battery will be the first one to stop working, followed by the tablet battery.


  1. Use the right adaptor. Many users tend to use the 44 watt adaptor instead of the 102 watt adaptor, as it is readily available and cheaper. However, by using the wrong adaptor, your battery will suffer in the long run and deplete in its capability.
  2. When using applications that require heavy processing, do not use the adaptor.
  3. Do not use the laptop after 20%. Charge the laptop without using it and then resume your usage.