How to Fix Surface Pro 7 with cracked LCD

How to Fix Surface Pro 7 with cracked LCD

Picture 1. Small difference between Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro 5 lcd which is in the firmware lcd.

While it may seem like a downgrade from Surface Pro 5 to Surface Pro 6, as the graphics for Surface Pro 5 are better, the Surface Pro 7 is indeed an upgrade as its CPU is better in terms of performance. Along with its sleek stainless casing, there is so much to love about the Surface Pro 7. So what will one do, should Your Surface Pro 7 LCD crack?

Here is steps to fix cracked Surface Pro 7 lcd:

  1. Remove the broken glass and lcd slowly from Surface Pro 7
  2. Replace with the original LCD for Surface Pro 7 version 035 or alternatively, the version 032 can be used as well, as it is usable for both Surface Pro 5 and Surface Pro 6.

By following these steps, You can restore Your Surface Pro 7 back to its original condition. Currently Zapplerepair having a promotion for replacement of cracked lcd screen for all Window Surface Pro at affordable can consider cheap discounted price until end of April 2020, check out our Window Surface website for more information.
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