How to Fix Zoom Meeting Cannot Share Screen and Sign In

How to Fix Zoom Meeting Cannot Share Screen and Sign In

Zoom Meeting failed to share a screen warning.

Zoom Meeting is an application based on video conferences or meetings or what we usually call meetings which are still booming.

Especially in the midst of implementing online learning from home due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, many schools and offices have been closed and their activities limited so that education and work are carried out online (online) or online.

Many people from various walks of life use Zoom Meetings as a medium for indirect, network-based face-to-face meetings. This is especially true for seminars or activities that are currently not allowed to be held with a large number of audiences due to restrictions.

So that this video teleconferencing application becomes one of the applications whose benefits are large enough to be enjoyed by the community.


Cara Mengatasi Zoom Tidak Bisa Share Screen

Zoom Meeting App

However, recently there have been many complaints from users of the Zoom Meeting application, which cannot share screen activities. This share screen is a feature provided by Zoom Meeting that allows you to share or share the live presentation on the presentation screen to participants or other participants in the meeting.

Of course it will be a serious problem if you can't do the share screen activity, especially if you happen to be the host or the one holding the online meeting. If you can't share the screen, then automatically you can't display the material that has been prepared to be delivered to the meeting participants.

There are many reasons why you can't share screens in the Zoom Meeting application. Either due to internal factors from the application itself or due to other factors because there is a problem with the device you are using. No need to worry, here we will share how to fix it that you can try.

The problem of not being able to share the screen usually has the characteristics of appearing with the message Error code: 105035. This problem will usually appear in a pop-up that appears when you are getting ready to click share on the share screen.

Zoom Error Code 105035

Well, in the following article, Zapplerepair will share tips on how to solve the problem of Zoom Meeting not being able to share the screen, so you can present live material to the participants who follow.

How to Fix Zoom Meeting Cannot Share Screen (Error Code: 105035)

Then how to overcome the Zoom Meeting Cannot Share Screen with the appearance of Error Code: 105035? Check out the description of the steps below!

For those of you who have just installed the Zoom Meeting application on a laptop, take a look at the version of the application that you are currently using. The method:

  1. Please continue by opening the Zoom Meeting application, before you sign in, usually under the application will appear the version of Zoom Meeting that you are using.

Mengetahui Versi Aplikasi Zoom

The version of Zoom Meeting App

  1. If you are using the Zoom Meeting application version, it is certain because in that version there are indeed many users who cannot share screens. Especially now that the latest version of the Zoom Meeting application is Version 5.1.2.
  2. Now, to overcome this, so that you can share the screen again, downgrade or uninstall the Zoom Meeting application. Then re-install with the Zoom Meeting version. You can download the latest version of Zoom Meeting at the following link or access the address in your browser.
  3. Perform the installation as usual. Then Sign in with your Zoom Meeting account.
  4. Next, try to re-enter a meeting session and do a share screen again, it's guaranteed to work.

Cara Share Screen Di Zoom

Share screen feature in Zoom Meeting App

The picture above is an example of the share screen display after installing the Zoom Meeting application version 5.0.4.

The next step if the solution above still doesn't solve your Zoom Meeting problem, please try to start a Zoom Meeting without video by selecting the 'Start with no video' menu, in this way the conference call will start using audio only.

Then try to activate the share screen feature and show your presentation screen to the audience.

However, if you have already entered the video call mode, it can be stopped first by activating the Stop Video feature, and please reactivate the share screen feature. If the method above still doesn't work, then please try to install the Zoom Meeting Add ons application extension on your device.

– Sign out of the current Zoom Meeting app

– Download Add ons Zoom for Google Chrome browser (make sure you are using Google Chrome browser)

– If it has been successfully downloaded, open the Add ons Zoom Meeting application via Google Chrome by clicking Launch app.

– Perform the sign-in process as usual

– Activate the share screen feature again.

That's How to Fix Zoom Meeting Cannot Share Screen and Sign In. Hopefully the description of the steps above can help!


Then what if your Zoom Meeting problem is in the Sign-in process or the process of logging into your Zoom Meeting account which causes the failure to access your Zoom Meeting account? Check out the steps below!

How to Fix Zoom Meeting Failed to Login (Error Code: 5003)

When you want to use the Zoom Meeting App on your Mac device, namely your iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Macbook, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air. Then after running, suddenly the application displays the words "Failed to Sign In (Error Code: 5003)"

Then how, yes, the solution? Let's look at the explanation below to find out the solution to the problem with the "Failed to Sign In (Error Code: 5003)" pop up appearing on the Zoom Meeting Application on Mac Devices (iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and so forth).

The thing you need to do to solve this problem easily is by uninstalling the Zoom Meeting Application by using the uninstall file or uninstaller file that Zoom Meeting has attached to their application file, instead of just removing the application or doing the "move to trash" process.

Then, how to it? Let's look at the steps below!

  1. Open the Zoom Meeting App ( on your Mac device.
  2. Right-click on the application. Then select "Show package contents" or "Show package contents".
  3. Open Contents.
  4. Then select Open Framework.
  5. Locate the Zoom Uninstaller file. Open the file and use it to uninstall the app as usual.
  6. After the process of uninstalling the application is complete, re-download the latest version of the Zoom Meeting application at the following link or access in your browser and reinstall as usual.

That's how to solve the Failed to Sign In problem (Error Code: 5003) in the Zoom Meeting Application on Mac Devices (iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, etc.). Hopefully the explanation above can help!


That's the article on How to Fix Zoom Meeting Cannot Share Screen and Sign In. If you have trouble performing the steps above, don't worry! Zapplerepair could help you to solve problems with your Apple and Microsoft Surface devices.

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