Reset Your Password Windows Without Data Loss

Reset Your Password Windows Without Data Loss

Reset Your Password Windows.

Have you ever experienced forgetting your password when you want to enter Windows?

Most people, if they forget their password, will reinstall Windows or reset the PC. Even though there is an easier way to solve this problem, even this method will not delete your data either.

Before getting into the tutorial, there are 2 things you should do:

  • Prepare a flash drive containing the Windows 10 installer
  • Restart or Restart your computer

If you have done the 2 things above, then let's go into the tutorial on how to enter Windows:

  1. After Restart, you will enter the login menu. On the Login Menu. You can enter passwords randomly. For example, here we enter the password 123.
  2. If there is a notification The password is incorrect. Try Again, it means that the password you entered is incorrect.

If you have repeatedly entered the password but it still fails too. This problem can be overcome by changing Easy of Access to Command Prompt.

In this case, we haven't changed Easy of Access to Command Prompt. As a result, the Easy Access menu is still available, as is the On Screen Keyboard.

To change Easy of Access to Command Prompt, we need to restart our computer. Then you can follow below steps:

1. After Restart, enter the Bootable Flashdisk or Windows 10 CD.

2. If you have entered Bootable Windows 10, as shown below

Then you can press the Shift + F10 key combination on the keyboard. 

3. Type diskpart

4. Then below it, type list volume (search for your windows). In this tutorial, Volume 2 is partition D or Windows 10.

5. After that, type d:

6. Next, type windows

7. Type cd system32

8. Then type copy utilman.exe utilman1.exe (please pay attention to the combination of letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation marks). A new line will appear again and type y

9. Type copy cem.exe cmd1.exe and if a new line appears, type y

10. Next, type del utilman.exe

11. Finally, type rename cmd.exe utilman.exe , and when a new line appears, type exit

After that, the Windows Setup screen will appear. You can close it by clicking the Close (x) sign and Restart.

When the restart process is complete, the windows menu will appear again. In this step you can enter random password again. And if it's still wrong, you can click the Easy of Access button. If there is a display like this, it means you have successfully entered the Command Prompt.

Type control userpasswords2 , a display will appear as below. Next select Reset Password.

Enter the new password according to your wishes. Then confirm the password, by filling in the same password.

If you have filled in the new password, Click Ok and then Click Reset Password.

Then type exit in the Command Prompt.

After doing the step by step above, you can log in again with the new password.