How to Overcome Malware

How to Overcome Malware

Google Security Alert.

Maybe the term Malware is familiar to those of you who use computers, cellphones, laptops, etc. daily. Especially now that the use of computers, cellphones, or everything connected to the internet is not only used for work, but school, or even just for fun. Of course, this is quite dangerous, because Malware is software created to enter and sometimes damage computer systems, networks, or servers without the owner knowing.

If you are not careful of course this can harm your device. However, each device usually has its defensive wall and there is usually a warning if something is considered dangerous. One of them is on Google, usually, Google gives a security alert (Security Alert). Why did it happen? This is because there is a problem with Malware on your device. This is common on MacBook as well as Windows Surface Pro.

Then how to solve it?
The solution is that you have to re-install Windows or Mac OS X. If you have already re-installed, open your Google account again and then log in. After that check, if everything is clean and verified.

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