Macbook Pro Battery Installation A1706A1707 A1708 A1989 A1990

Macbook Pro Battery Installation A1706A1707 A1708 A1989 A1990

Battery Macbook..

The battery is often the first part to be failed to pair in on older MacBooks. If this has happened to you, you'll be happy to hear that you might be able to replace it yourself.

If your MacBook is one of the early models that has a user-removable battery, replacing it is simply a matter of removing the old one and replacing it with a new battery. However, if you have a model without a removable battery, you'll need to open your MacBook case. And for that, you need a guide.

Example of incorrect Macbook Battery installation

Example of correct Macbook Battery installation

If it is in that condition, then it is only pushed in. If not then the chipset sensor will be damaged and the fan will spin making noise and also making the keyboard not work. to prevent this, first enter it in the new LogicBoard section to the battery section. Other actions if not using that option then the installation must be careful.


Replacing the chipset that regulates the sensor as shown above with the tph1r7 model.

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