How to Contact Apple

How to Contact Apple

Apple Support.

Experiencing error problems or damage to the devices that we have is certainly a common thing that we have ever experienced. Apple products are no exception. If your Apple device has a problem or error and you don't know where to ask or find a solution, you can contact Apple directly. How to? Well, let's look at the following article

How to Contact Apple

First, open this link

Then, select what products you want to ask Apple Support for

You can :

  1. Sign in with your Apple ID if you have it
  2. You can use chat to connect directly with Apple Support
  3. or you can make a schedule to be called directly with Apple Support. The call is only available on weekdays, and you can also plan to be contacted at what time and day

Well, that was How to Contact Apple. If you have problems with your device, you can contact us via our social media on Instagram and Facebook Zapplerepair or you can contact us at 6583888781 via WhatsApp. You can also come directly to our outlets.

I hope this article helps