The Dangers of Swollen Batteries on Smartphone or Laptop Devices

The Dangers of Swollen Batteries on Smartphone or Laptop Devices

Swollen Battery.

Swollen batteries are one of the problems that often show up for smartphone and laptop devices. A battery that swollen up to twice its original size poses saves danger and discomfort for those who experience it.

A bulging battery can be caused by a variety of problems. The following points are often done and can decrease the battery durability. Behaviors such as leaving the device charged for too long, calling while it is charging, leaving the device in extreme temperatures, and age are the most common causes that allow the HP battery to swell.

Avoid the above behavior considering the battery (especially Lithium Ion) has an unstable structure. Li-Ion batteries do have high flexibility to be used in various types of gadgets, but also have the disadvantage of a narrow gap between the cell and the outer cover. In addition, the battery also has pressure in it.

The impact of a swollen battery also varies. Starting from causing heat to the device, causing new problems in other components that have an impact on the performance of the device, it can even cause the casing/screen of the device to be lifted or on a laptop device it can make the trackpad/keyboard lift.

If that's the case, then what needs to be done is to remove/unplug the problematic battery and replace the new battery so that other problems don't show up again


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