How To Solve FACE ID Disabled After Updating iOS 15.1 (TrueDepth Camera issue)

How To Solve FACE ID Disabled After Updating iOS 15.1 (TrueDepth Camera issue)

Face ID has been disabled.

Apple keeps on updating feature of iOS with the latest version is iOS 15.1. Sometimes the new update are causing problem for the iPhone users. One of the problem is Face ID becomes disable. There is an error “Face ID has been Disabled” “A problem has been detected with the TrueDepth Camera. Go to Settings after you finish setting up iPhone for more information” that display on the screen. Don’t give up, there are many ways to solve it.

1. If you recently install a new screen protector on your device or change your iPhone case, remove the screen protector or case and check your FaceID

2.Close all open and suspended apps and then restart the device

3. If your Face ID issues started following a recent iOS upgrade and was working fine up until then, perform a force restart and check if you continue to experience the problem

4. Turn Off both ‘Require Attention for Face ID’ and ‘Attention Aware Features’ in Setting > Face ID & Passcode

5. Works well if you’ve just got a new set of glasses, sunglasses or colored contact lens

6. This method is a less secure workaround, so it’s temporary solution

7. Turn off Face ID on your iPhone by toggling off Use Face ID For in Settings > Face ID & Passcode

8. Then restart your device and then return to Setting > Face ID & Passcode and choose Reset Face ID

9. Try a Reset All Settings by ongoing to Settings > General > Reset All Settings

10. This action removes all stored WiFi pass codes and return all features to factory defaults. It does not delete any data like photos, message, and so forth.

Another way of using this feature is to scan your face with and without glasses and then check if your Face ID function performs better.

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